Cape Arago Lighthouse

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Cape Arago Lighthouse watercolor painting by Emily Miller

This was a challenging painting for me, but it’s finished and I’m happy with it! It took me outside my comfort zone in both scale and composition. At 15″ x 22″, I had the space to create different zones that each felt almost like a painting in their own right. The challenge was continually evaluating how these zones fit together to support the overall vision I had for the painting. I saw beauty and detail in all the corners, but the primary impact of the image for me was the sense of depth and framed view of the distant Cape Arago lighthouse.

Cape Arago Lighthouse” is the first large studio painting in my Oregon lighthouses series. This painting will be on exhibit at Bethany Frame Central in Beaverton, Oregon in December. More news about that show to come!

Above: Cape Arago Lighthouse, 15″ x 22″ watercolor painting

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