Ghost Net Baskets secret signature colors

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Every year since 2019, I’ve chosen a new color for the center coil that starts each of my ghost net baskets. From 2015 to 2018, I used white cotton rope as my center coil, because it’s soft and relatively easy to coil and sew tightly. As I select my seventh “Color Of The Year” now in 2024, I wanted to see all the colors together in one place.

But first, announcing for 2024… black center coils!

This is my most challenging color choice yet, since black rope is more stiff and brittle than the colors I’ve chosen in past years, making it difficult to coil and stitch tightly. But I’m excited to use it, and I’m already imagining outlining the black circles with a vibrant ring of color!

Here’s a gallery of all colors from past years. Which color / year of my baskets are in your collection? Or do you have a rogue basket with a center coil color that’s not listed here? (For my larger sculptures that don’t use center coils, there is no color secret… yet!)

2024 / black
2023 / yellow
2022 / lavender
2021 / silver gray
2020 / orange
2019 / dark green
2015-2018 / white cotton

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