1000 Moons #891

1000 Moons, sculpture -  artwork by Emily Miller
 1000 Moons, sculpture -  artwork by Emily Miller
 1000 Moons, sculpture -  artwork by Emily Miller
 1000 Moons, sculpture -  artwork by Emily Miller
 1000 Moons, sculpture -  artwork by Emily Miller

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Deer Isle, Maine installation

Papermaking process

50 Years / 629 Moons: on view June 22 - Aug. 13
Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, Beaverton, OR
July 23 + August 13: Artist at Work
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What does it look like to imagine a life time?

1000 Moons is an art installation and grief process of 1000+ hand-formed paper moons, representing every full moon cycle witnessed by my grandmother from her birth to her death. 1000 Moons envisions a lifetime as a tangible space where viewers can locate themselves within the full span of another life.

About 1000 Moons

I began this project after both my grandparents died of Covid, as I struggled to stay grounded in my own life, and my understanding of time became distorted and unreal. In response, I am hand-forming 40 oversize sheets of paper with kelp, sheet music, and other materials linked to their history, and cutting them apart into 1,175 circles to represent each full moon in my grandmother's 94 years of life. Stringing each circle together to form a hanging corridor, 1000 Moons creates a physical pathway through time and memory.

In the absence of any time-based American tradition of mourning and grief, during a moment in history when existing grief rituals have been scattered, this work has become a new tradition for me to understand, honor, and process the length of a life.

I imagine my own life time overlapping with hers in the physical space occupied by the 1000 Moons: how many of these moons we saw together, how many she shared with my grandfather, my father, my aunts. Which moons were darkest, and which shone bright? How do I measure the time passed since?

Community Connection

Sharing this work is a way of inviting community into grief, in direct response to the isolation I felt after their deaths. Sharing my ongoing process centers the work of grieving as an ongoing process, and affirms that this process requires sustained space in our lives, our communities, and our culture. This sustained space is a vital part of our ability to heal and connect as a community, from the losses and isolation of the past 18 months and counting.

Contribute & Participate

You can support the project through financial and/or written contributions.

Your donations will fund hundreds of hours of my time creating the artwork and managing the community events, materials costs, and accessible photo / video documentation of each installation. Your written contributions will be included in future exhibitions for community connection and growth.

The GoFundMe page shares healing paths and traditions contributed by the community, using the platform's Updates and Comments.
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Schedule of Events

Starting in October 2021, I am sharing my ongoing process of creating the moons: in a series of virtual conversations, immersive video walk-throughs, and physical displays in public space. During each event, I invite all who have experienced loss and grief, especially during this current crisis, to share their new traditions for finding and following a healing path. I invite all participants to visualize their own life times, and those of their loved ones, within this space of 1000 Moons.

All presentations will be recorded, subtitled, and posted online. Physical installations will be documented with immersive video walk-throughs and posted online.

June 22 - Aug. 13, 2022:
Physical installation at Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, Beaverton, Oregon
July 23 + August 13, 2022, 5-10pm
Artist at Work

Join me at the Reser Center during the Beaverton Night Market where I will be cutting and stringing moons adjacent to my exhibition! This will be my first time sharing this process in-person.

May 2 - June 23, 2023:
Physical installation at Hillsboro Civic Center, Oregon
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Past Events:
Regional Arts & Culture Council
1000 Moons is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Ongoing support is provided by individual contributions to the 1000 Moons GoFundMe campaign. Thank you.

Handmade paper, natural and found materials, cotton thread, 2021

3" diameter, each moon. 7ft high, each strand. Installation size variable.

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