Haystack Rock and Tillamook Rock Lighthouse #542

Haystack Rock and Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon Coast - beach, haystack rock, cannon beach, oregon coast artwork by Emily Miller
Haystack Rock reflects in the shallow waters of an outgoing tide at Cannon Beach, on Oregon's northern coast. A mile offshore, the Tillamook Rock lighthouse is visible in the distance. The lighthouse is located on a barren, exposed rock, situated to guide merchant ships to the mouth of the Columbia River.

Construction on the Tillamook Rock lighthouse began in 1879 and was not finished until 1881 due to powerful storms that made construction and transport of materials nearly impossible. The lighthouse became known as "Terrible Tilly". Waves broke over the rock strong enough to drench the entire lighthouse, collapsing roofs, flooding the interior, clogging the mechanisms with debris, breaking loose boulders and sending them flying through the air. The lighthouse keepers were totally isolated and tasked with constant repairs. The lighthouse was considered a marvel of engineering and became the United States' most expensive lighthouse to maintain due to the constant struggle against the elements.

In 1957 the lighthouse was deactivated after 77 years of service. After changing hands several times, it was most recently used as a columbarium where the ashes of around 30 people are stored.

Plein air watercolor, 2016

6" x 9" in 11" x 14" mat

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