Snowberry Baskets #899

Snowberry Baskets, Ghost Net Baskets - stonington baskets artwork by Emily Miller
Red and white rope with a touch of icy blue, a reminder of bright red berries on snowy days.

The Stonington Baskets series is created with potwarp (long lines used to hold lobster traps) gathered on Deer Isle, Maine. I am using "ghost net" washed up on the beaches, as well as recycled rope from the Stonington dump. The town of Stonington at the southern end of Deer Isle is one of Maine's largest lobster fisheries. I spent summers on Deer Isle at my grandparents' home for my entire life. I first learned to make these baskets during a visit to Deer Isle, using my grandmother's sewing machine, inspired by the colorful bits of potwarp I found tangled in the kelp at the shoreline.

Reclaimed fishing rope, thread, 2021


Tall Snowberry Basket -

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