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Hatching Turtle (White Swimming) #619

Hatching Turtle, Menagerie -  artwork by Emily Miller
A tiny sea turtle makes its way out of the egg, towards the open sea. Each turtle is unique, although there are three basic varieties: hatching from the egg, swimming (with no egg), and an albino white variant of the swimmer.

The 100 Turtles Project is on display at Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Oregon from July 7 - 30. Join me at the opening reception on July 7 from 5-7pm to learn more about the project and see all 100 turtles together!

I am donating 25% of profits from all turtle sales through July 31 to SeaLegacy's ocean conservation efforts.

Porcelain egg and stoneware ceramic turtle, 2017

1.5" x 1" x 1"

White Swimming -
$ 80

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